Why Video Matters for Your Finance Brand: A Deeper Dive

Finance brands have to communicate a lot of potentially confusing information and are often subject to rigorous legal reviews in their communications. This can make injecting their brand personality in marketing assets very challenging.

Amid the myriad of tools available, one powerhouse often left on the backburner to communicate with key audiences is video. Why does video matter so much for finance brands, and how can you harness its potential to weave a narrative of trust, engagement, and, ultimately, brand loyalty?

Demystifying the Finance Puzzle:

Finance tends to be a realm of alien concepts, drowned in jargon that can leave potential customers scratching their heads. Video can step in as a superhero, offering a chance to unravel these complexities in digestible and engaging ways. Whether it’s animated explanations, quirky explainer videos, or live Q&A sessions with financial gurus, video breaks it down and makes financial concepts more accessible. This not only educates but also nurtures trust and confidence in your brand.

Building Bonds in the Digital Era:

In a digital world where trust reigns supreme, video propels you beyond the realm of sterile, text-based communication. By putting a human face to your brand, showcasing your know-how, and sharing personal stories, video becomes the bridge to genuine connections with potential customers. This human touch builds trust, fostering brand loyalty and paving the way for robust customer relationships.

Captivating and Converting Your Audience:

People are drawn to visuals. We’re hooked on vibrant imagery and compelling tales. Video content taps into this innate human attraction, capturing attention and keeping viewers engaged. Studies reveal that 66% of viewers prefer to engage with video content. Video content that engages users translates to heightened engagement, amplified brand awareness, and, ultimately, more conversions. Whether guiding viewers to your website, nudging them to sign up for a service, or compelling them to reach out for more info, video becomes the powerhouse driving actions and achieving your marketing goals.

Accessibility and Creative Freedom:

Crafting top-notch video content is no longer an exclusive club. You don’t need to do it on your own either. Hiring video professionals can take your brand to the next level. This democratization of video production empowers finance brands to play around with different formats, unleashing creativity to the fullest. Inject humor, spin captivating stories, and personalize your message – the possibilities are boundless!

Take our work with Hamilton Lane for example: we developed three video spots for them to highlight their culture, innovation, and the company at large.

Video is a dynamic tool capable of transforming how finance brands converse with their audiences. By embracing video’s power to simplify, connect, engage, and build trust, finance brands can etch a lasting presence in the market.