Winter ’23 Drop: Get Uplifted with Defy Limited

Defy’s roots stem from the early days of streetwear. Our founder was a member of this once sub-cultural phenomenon that is now a part of popular culture worldwide.

This is why we drop merch. It’s something we never stopped doing because it’s something we love to do.

To close out 2022, we took this passion project to the next level by creating a sub-brand for our merch drops: Defy LTD.

For our winter drop, we wanted to tackle seasonal depression head-on by creating a collection that uplifted people during the colder months. This led our merch team to the “sun dog”—an arctic phenomenon that often makes the winter sky look like it has two suns.

In meteorology, a sun dog is known as a parhelion. It happens when the sun refracts light off particles in the snow and creates an optical illusion of there being two suns in the sky.

For centuries, dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, tons of folklore has surrounded the infamous sun dog. These tales helped inspire some of the design choices we made, and the overall direction for the drop

To evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, the items in this collection feature the same bright colors as a sun dog. We did this to remind ourselves, and everyone else, that no matter how cold and dreary it gets, the sun will always find a way to lift our spirits.


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