Why Brand Humor Works

Using humor as a marketing tool has become increasingly popular in recent years. We would know too, we’ve used it in some of our spots. It’s a great way for brands to showcase their personalities and create a connection with their audiences. In this article, we’ll explore why brand humor works and look at how some brands like Oatly, MailChimp, and others are using humor to win over customers and build loyalty.

Liquid Death

This canned water company has taken a unique approach to brand humor by using slapstick humor in almost all of their marketing. Their ads feature a metal band singing songs that are compilations of nasty comments, and senior citizens doing stunts that resemble an episode of Jackass. The content often makes zero sense, but it must working because the brand recently received a valuation of $700 Million.



This plant-based milk company has taken the internet by storm with their witty advertising campaigns. Their ads are incredibly conversational and have a sarcastic approach that gets people talking.


MailChimp is an email marketing service for small business owners. In the past, their ads were friendly and funny, but they still toed the traditional B2B line. They weren’t nearly as daring or humorous as they are now.

At first glance, their ads actually make no sense. They will leave you “guessing” what it’s even for, but then a voiceover says “Guess less. Sell more.” and it starts making sense.


Surreal Cereal

New kid on the block of the cereal game, Surreal Cereals showed their humorous side by creating fake endorsements. It’s caused quite a stir online too, leaving consumers picking sides as to whether their campaign is good, bad, or ugly.

The campaign takes quotes from Serena Williams, Dwayne Johnson, and Michael Jordan. Here’s the kicker – It’s just people with the same names as the celebrities, not the actual celebrities.

By injecting humor into their messaging, brands can create a positive association with their company and foster a loyal customer base. So, if you’re looking to spice up your campaigns and you think it makes sense for your brand, don’t be afraid to add a little humor to the mix.