Size Matters

The benefits of working with a boutique creative agency

At Defy, we often find ourselves going up against agencies 5X (or 10X, or 20X) our size for new business. Sometimes that experience can be intimidating, but honestly, we like being the little guy, and we think there are tons of legit benefits to working with a smaller agency. For example

Big fish, small pond

As a small agency, we take on a limited number of clients each year… which means each one of those clients, regardless of scope or price point, is a critical piece of our puzzle. There’s no “getting lost in the shuffle” at a small agency—we’ll always answer your calls, meet your needs, and (ultimately) exceed your expectations.

Utility players

This small agency in particular makes a point to always hire for 2+ skill sets. This means everyone you interact with on our team is looking at your job from a broader-than-average perspective.

This benefits you because it increases efficiency – when you’re working with an account manager with on-set experience, or a designer who can code, you’re covering more bases at every turn than you might if you were working with employees with more limited scopes.

It also exponentially increases our ability to be creative. We encourage all of our employees to toss out thoughts as they arise, because great ideas can come from anywhere. For you, that means the next big idea for your project could very well come from an unexpected source.

Executive attention

At Defy, our executives are involved in every job from start to finish. That’s not to say we micromanage—we try very hard not to—but we stay firmly in the loop to share insights, provide feedback, and ensure that all work is the best it can be before it goes out the door.

There are plenty of things huge agencies do well… but next time you’re seeking a creative partner, don’t count out the little guy.


By Emily Huddell, VP of Brand Development