On I-95, It’s “Defy or Die”

We’re referring to our billboards, of course.

If you’ve been traveling northbound or southbound into Philly, chances are you’ve seen one of our agency’s new billboards. That’s right, an advertising agency in 2023 is using print billboards to advertise their own business.

As Defy welcomes more clients in 2023, we’re mixing up our media spending with 1,344 square feet of unapologetic, in-your-face, good old-fashioned brand awareness.


One, these two billboards alone will make seven million impressions in the next two months—a perfect compliment to our ongoing interactive digital campaign.

Two, we’re practicing what we preach. Breaking the digital-only media trend is a direct demonstration of our lead message: “Defy or Die”.

We believe that when it comes to your brand, you have a choice: to follow what others are doing or to Defy expectations. When you choose to carve out your own path, you choose not to get lost in all of the clutter. You choose to make work that cannot be mistaken for a competitors’. You choose to stand out, spread your message, and grow your audience. You choose to not just stay alive but to thrive. This is a choice that our clients continue to benefit from, well after our contracts have ended.

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