Another One: Introducing The Defy Gives Initiative

We’ve decided to make pro-bono work a bigger slice of our pie chart at Defy, so we created a sub-brand to make our initiative of giving back all the more serious. Now introducing: Defy Gives.

Defy Gives is an extension of Defy that will focus its time, energy, and expertise on discounted and pro-bono creative, strategy, and production services. We will also be giving back in other ways, specifically donating volunteer hours and funds to a variety of causes.

Giving back is part of the Defy DNA. Over time, we’ve found that when we are truly qualified to help others, we can empower them to change the world around them.

Another way Defy Gives has served the community is by donating our agency services and expertise. Our first two clients under the Defy Gives initiative are Germantown ArtHaus, a local non-profit building the next generation of artists, and Springfield Township Skateboard Association, a grass-roots organization that is recreating recreation for local skaters.

Our first Defy Gives activation supported a local nonprofit, Turning Points for Children, during its holiday gift drive. Our team donated gifts for some of the 4,300 foster children under Turning Points’ care, and helped decorate for the organization’s LifeSet Friendsgiving event.

When presented with the opportunity to inspire the world around us, what kind of humans would we be if we didn’t take it?

If you’d like to be part of our efforts, please consider donating or volunteering your time to our friends at:

Turning Points for Children

Germantown ArtHaus

Springfield Township Skateboard Association