Defy is Different

Let’s face it – finding the right creative partner for your brand is tough. You want killer ideas that spark buzz and set you apart. But niche agencies? Their tunnel vision can be stifling.

Although it seems to be the way the industry is going, we’re bullish on NOT niching down. As a matter of fact, we’re kind of a different breed in that sense – we pride ourselves on our agility and versatility. To us, there’s real hidden value in NOT niching down. Insight from a real estate project may actually inform us for a project for an auto parts manufacturer, and vice versa.

Here’s four KEY things that set us apart:

Our Strategic Approach

We’re not about rehashing the same old approaches. We flex our creative muscle to meet every challenge. No matter the project, the client, or the industry, we bring a fresh approach to the drawing board from day 1. No project gets treated the same. In this fast-paced business climate, safe and predictable simply doesn’t cut it. You need a partner able to pivot on a dime. At Defy, adapting is our superpower.

Our Size

We have a select team of creatives from diverse backgrounds who live to shatter creative boundaries. We encourage them to participate in all phases of a project too. This gives them the opportunity to take insights from one industry to another – and then apply them in amazing ways.

Our Leadership

We’re not just creative guns for hire. We’re seasoned leaders too, regularly sharing insights and know-how with our community. If not a partner, you can always consider us as a guide. Each one, teach one.

Our Commitment

We turn our clients’ goals into our goals. We do so by going above and beyond to get every job done right. If it’s not done right, or the client isn’t satisfied…we go back and we fix it. The job isn’t done until our client is satisfied with the work.

Still not convinced Defy is your creative soulmate? Imagine this: A single agency with an arsenal of world class talent ready to propel your brand into legendary status. A fearless partner devoted to cutting-edge campaigns that outwit and outshine. A new approach to elevating your brand creatively, without limits. Intrigued yet? You know where to find us.