Dear Prospects: Your Web Agency Shouldn’t Make Your Creative Campaign

Listen, I get it. Your web agency has been fine at designing your website and making sure it all works smoothly online. But when it comes to telling your brand’s story creatively across different channels? That’s a whole different ball game.

Here’s our hot take though: a creative agency is going to bring some serious firepower that your web agency just won’t be able to provide. Let me break it down:

Web Design vs. Storytelling

Your web agency nails functional, visually appealing sites. But storytelling that emotionally connects with your audience? That’s not really their focus. A creative agency (like ours) can craft narratives that resonate everywhere – website, social, video, you name it.

Targeted Know-How

Your web agency rules the online kingdom. But creative campaigns demand big idea expertise – ideation, branding, and messaging. Creative agencies have the skills dialed in to take your creative to the next level.

Take a look at your creative right now. Is it?

Strategic Positioning

A web agency is tactical – optimizing UI, clickflows, site performance, etc. A creative agency positions your brand strategically through audience insights, emotional connections, and setting you apart creatively. Sometimes it needs to be a bit more abstract.

I literally have a team of people who sit and think all day long about big ideas. They love it. So do our clients. It’s kinda like bottomless mimosas at brunch… except it’s humans, and they just never run out of ideas instead of mimosas.

Consistency Across Channels

A unified brand needs consistency – whether it’s your site, social media, videos or more. A creative agency (like Defy) ensures your message resonates powerfully throughout every medium.

Industry Foresight

Top creative agencies stay ahead of trends to keep your brand at the bleeding edge of innovation. Their thought leadership means you get the latest, most effective creative strategies.

Here’s the bottom line: While your web agency nails the technical aspects of your online presence, a specialized creative agency (like Defy) takes your brand narrative to the next level. Want to unlock the full potential of your creative campaigns? You know where to find us.


Nik Greenblatt

Founder + Chief Creative Officer @ Defy